In addition to real-time Slack notifications about your team's Tettra account you'll also receive email notifications about Tettra activities.  We batch general activity into daily and weekly email digests while also sending direct emails about updates that are specific to you.

You're able to control these settings in your User Settings page in case you want to skip certain type of notifications. You can find the User Notifications page by navigating to your name in navbar (top right) → My settings → Notifications.


You can opt in or out of any of the following notifications: 

  • Daily/Weekly digest of new and updated pages 

  • When a teammate comments on a page, page request, or question I own

  • When a teammate @mentions me in a page or comment

  • When a teammate answers my question or page request

  • When a page request I own hasn't had recent activity

  • When Tettra releases a product update

Daily and Weekly digest

The daily or weekly digest will tell you about reactions to and viewers of pages you own, as well as any comments or edits for those pages.  It will also list a few of your team's open page requests to help make sure they are responded to sooner rather than later.

The daily digest will notify you of any updates within the last day up until time of send. The weekly digest functions the same, but contains information for the entire week. 

Please note: Content in an invite-only category will only appear to users who are members of that category.

You can choose to opt into daily, weekly, or both digests from your notifications page

Outside of the daily digest we'll also alert you by email when teammates @mention you in pages, respond to page requests you've created or when someone assigns a page requests to you.  

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