What are slash commands?

Slash commands are shortcuts you can type into the message input box to perform an action.

To use the Tettra slash commands, type /tettra forward slash in the message field or click the ⚡️ lightning bolt icon to the left of the message field to open the shortcuts menu.

Search for the slash command you’d like to use, then send the message.

What are the Tettra Slash Commands?

  • Searching for pages: Type /tettra find {query} to search your knowledge base

  • Creating pages: Type /tettra new {title} to create a new page

  • Request a page: Type /tettra request {title} to request a page

  • Request a page assigned to a user: Type /tettra request @user {title} to request a page from that user

  • Help: Type `/tettra help' to view a list of commands

Searching and sharing pages

You can use Tettra's slash command within any of your Slack channels or DMs.

To search using the slash command type in /tettra find and add any relevant keywords. Tettra will then search through page titles and content (including tables and file attachment names) and display any results containing your keywords. 

You can use the Share with Channel button to insert that page into the message thread.  If the page you were searching for isn't returned in Slack, you can click the hyperlink to "view all results" in the web app.

It's important to know the results of your search are only visible to you, so you won't clutter your conversations with your searches.

Creating Tettra page drafts from Slack

To create page drafts in Tettra right from Slack type /tettra new [page title]

Click Edit draft to jump to the page editor to write your content for the page.

Creating page request in Slack

If you have a question while chatting in Slack that you'd like to capture the answer to in Tettra, you can make a page request by typing /tettra request [title]

If you know a specific user who might be able to answer the request, you can use tettra request @{slack username} {title} to create the request and assign it in one action.


If you run into any difficulties with the Slack slash command, take a look at our slash command troubleshooting resource to reset your Slack permissions.

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