Adding a Table 

Adding a table is super easy, just click the insert button on the left side of the page you're editing and select the option to add a table. 

Here's what that process looks like:

To add extra columns or rows just click the kebab menus located by the table borders:

Click into individual cells with your cursor to move between them. Within any cell you can type text or add other elements such as images, styled text and hyperlinks. For now, the best way to add images into a table is by copying and pasting them in, (rather than trying to upload an image).

Copy & Paste 

You can move a a table from an external source like Google Sheets, Excel, etc. through copy & paste:

Copy the table from the external source, right click in Tettra, and select "Paste". 

Embed an Airtable

If you want to get a bit more fancy with your tables, you can create and embed an Airtable. Navigate to the Airtable, click "Share view" and select "Create a shareable grid view link", and copy the link provided.

Paste the link into the embed feature in Tettra and your Airtable should appear within the page:

You can also create an embed a Google sheet on any Tettra page. Take a look at this support page for more info.

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