We've seen Customer Success and Support teams do amazing things with Tettra. They use it to document frequently used processes, clarify brand guidelines, and share the amazing knowledge they hold about the customer experience. 


Hi, I’m Trish and I’m going to show you a few ways to use Tettra to help the Customer Support team at your company. Think of it like a knowledge base for your internal team!

Processes - How should your team deal with service level agreements? What about refunds? 

Tettra is a great central location to access the most up-to-date support processes. This kind of information empowers your team to solve customer questions both quickly and accurately. 

Brand Guidelines - Whether it’s in a help desk ticket or on social media, having documented guidelines ensures your team is on  brand when responding to customers on different platforms

Tettra is the perfect place to document different departmental voices, and how they should write knowledge base articles or respond on Twitter. 

Interdepartmental Communication - Support teams have invaluable customer information, analytics to candid feedback.  

Making these insights easily available is important, because it establishes feedback loops. That way everyone in sales, product, and marketing will be able to help your company stay customer-focused. 

To learn more, check out the link at the end of video. Thanks for watching! 

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