Let Tettra help your marketing team run more efficiently and effectively. Tettra also lets marketing teams empower and engage other teams in the company, so that you have even more brand ambassadors. Share brand guidelines, competitive intelligence, and product marketing language.


Hi, I’m Trish and I’m going to show you a few ways to use Tettra to help the Market team at your company.

Brand Guidelines and Collateral - How often do people on your team save files to their computer or re-use outdated collateral? Not only is frustrating to see those docs distributed, but it can also be detrimental to the customer experience. 

Use Tettra to updates your designs, create and upload new materials, and then share to Slack to keep the entire company updated. 

Competitive Intelligence - Competitive Intelligence is something everyone can use, but sometimes research can be siloed to the marketing department. 

Use Tettra to share this information across your company, and crowdsource intel that the team sees in the wild. 

Employee Engagement - Everyone on the team is a brand ambassador in some way. Whether that’s on their social media account talking about the company or networking at an event and meeting potential hires. 

Empower your team and extend your brand reach by creating a page with boilerplate language on how to talk about your company, what articles to share, and what events to endorse. 

To learn more, check out https://app.tettra.co/create-team

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