Use Tettra to make your job easier, (and the lives of your employees better!) It's a great tool to help onboard new team members, curate meeting notes, and share executive team updates.


Hi, I’m Trish and I’m going to show you a few ways to use Tettra to enhance the employee experience at your company.

Employee Onboarding - A person’s first week at work is a crucial time to set them up to succeed. 

Use Tettra to create an employee onboarding checklist, and then build pages to supplement it. From important docs like updates to benefits, to an icebreaker page about where people love to grab lunch. 

Meeting Notes - Whether your employees are spread across time zones or it’s just hard to get everyone in one room, Tettra is a great place to publish your company-wide meeting notes.

Start with a template, and have your department heads upload their notes and slides, so that your team has access to the latest information.

Executive Updates - Regular executive updates keep your team motivated and focused on the right goals. 

You can easily link to other pages within Tettra to emphasize different points, and you can even update your main Slack channel to let people know when a new page is published. 

To learn more, check out the link at the end of video. Thanks for watching! 

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