Product and engineering teams need to convey a lot of information about what they're building, why, and when it launches. Tettra makes it easier for these technical teams to share knowledge within the team and with other groups. Here are some tips about how product teams leverage Tettra to make communication easier.


Hey, I’m Nelson from Tettra, and I’m going to show you four ways that your product and engineering team can use Tettra for better team documentation.

Weekly/Daily Standup notes

Keeping each other accountable is really important for small, autonomous teams. Having a weekly cadence to keep everyone in the loop helps everyone swim in the same direction.

At Tettra, we do a weekly kickoff meeting on Monday where we outline our priorities for the week. We use the Zapier integration to create a templated Tettra page 15 minutes before the meeting to save us time.

Product Planning Specs

Having clear and well thought out product specs before building new features helps teams ship better products.

At Tettra we write product specs for each “Epic” we create. We use the Zapier integration to create Tettra pages when new Epic issues are created in Github. This saves us a ton of time documenting the goals, research, and implementation details of each new feature.


Every piece of software inevitably runs into bugs, so it’s important to share the learnings once their fixed to prevent future issues.

Once critical issues are resolved on our status page, we use the Zapier RSS integration to create a templated post-mortem page in Tettra. That way, we never forget to document important learnings.

To learn more, check out the link at the end of the video. Thanks for watching!

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